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The university experience is not just a learning phase. It is also the best time to prepare for entry into the job market and professional skills development. With that in mind, the UniNorte Carreiras program offers a broad chance for the qualification of students – and it was designed for those who want to earn a diploma and, at the same time, start building a cutting-edge curriculum!

There is no doubt that internships and first jobs are very important. After all, they are what allow the student to expand the theoretical notions related to the knowledge acquired at the university. But what few know is that market practice is also a time to learn about personal marketing in a career.

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In fact, a levantamento carried out by a trend research institute points out that the lack of experience can be a professional barrier for 77% of young people. It is for this reason that a program aimed at supporting the student’s professional development brings numerous advantages, among them the increased chances of employability.

Do you want to understand how you can better prepare yourself for your professional future? Continue reading and discover the program that was designed to help the student stand out in the job interview!

Career planning: know the importance

The student who starts a graduation process begins a new stage of life. That is what Juliana Alves, a career development assistant at UniNorte, believes. It is at that moment that the likelihood of new and great professional opportunities appears.

It turns out that career planning, carried out since the graduation process, facilitates insertion into the job market. “With a preparation, the student leaves the university with a baggage and a very high level of knowledge in the area he wants to work in,” explains Juliana Alves.

The strategic thinking that exists in career planning delivers benefits such as:

  • timeframe for goals to be achieved;
  • clearer notion of the labor market and the area of ​​operation;
  • protagonism of the career, from the construction of a professional track;
  • structured goals, which contributes to a safer journey.

In addition, it is the career plan started in college that makes the student more focused and learn more about their goals. This reduces anxiety and allows the student to have a long-term view of his career.

That is, betting on an institution that offers a career-oriented program makes all the difference and significantly increases the chances of employability.

UniNorte Careers: understand what it is and how it works

There is no doubt about the importance of professional qualification. Therefore, when thinking about choosing a higher education institution, it is essential to assess which development programs are offered to students. In the case of UniNorte, there are many options that help prepare students for the job market.

That’s how Carreiras was created – a sector that offers services aimed at the insertion in the job market, both for students and alumni. In other words, everything you need to get out of college already employed.

“We carried out numerous actions at UniNorte Carreiras. Among them, curriculum workshops, with practical classes ”, explains the career development specialist.

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Strategies are part of the employability program

  • presentation of the current labor market scenario;
  • indication of the employability skills currently desired;
  • extensive analysis of the main challenges encountered in the labor market;
  • strategies to improve the student’s professional posture;
  • workshops for curriculum improvement ;
  • training for participation in job interviews.

But there are other possibilities at UniNorte Carreiras. Read on to understand more!

Solutions to increase your chances in recruitment processes

One of UniNorte Carreiras’ differentials, among all services, is the recruitment and selection process. “We have a strong relationship with the local market, and this facilitates the referral of students and alumni to the job market”, highlights Juliana Alves. For this reason, it is not uncommon for regional recruitments to be carried out exclusively with students from UniNorte.

Another advantage of Carreiras, as mentioned, is that the program is not limited to new students. “We have several programs, according to the level of knowledge presented”, highlights the specialist in career development. “We understand that today there are many students who already have the knowledge to work in certain areas and only graduation is pending.”

Therefore, any student can participate in the Careers program, starting from the first period of the course. “We identify the student’s disability for entering the market and, on top of that, work with him on the qualification process”, she explains.

Labor market: discover the services and benefits of Carreiras

Qualification programs are available at UniNorte Carreiras. They are courses with partner companies, in which specific areas of recruitment and selection are worked on.

In addition, in the range of offers, internship and job vacancies are explored. This happens through partnerships with companies in the recruitment processes.

We have separated the services that are offered at UniNorte Carreiras for students. Check it out:

  • employability workshop;
  • behavioral profile mapping;
  • executive and business training;
  • coach for performance improvement and professional growth;
  • assisting the student in registering the curriculum on job and internship sites.

During training, the UniNorte student is able to realize the unique benefits of the Careers program. Competency development dynamics and full training are carried out so that the candidate can be called for selective – and can do well since his first job interview.

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5 tips for getting ahead in a selection process

Juliana Alves explains that many times, the student or graduate does not realize that an interview that was not so good because of the lack of preparation. “It is essential to qualify, even to change the curriculum or to search for information about the company in which the candidate is applying for a position”.

So, to succeed in an interview, the candidate must:

  • have a clear and well-structured curriculum;
  • know how to talk about your qualities;
  • be prepared to talk about your defects;
  • ask pertinent questions;
  • research about the company.

The student who seeks a higher education institution with the objective of winning the best places in the job market must focus on career planning. This involves choosing a university center that offers tools for professional development.