6 higher education courses for those who enjoy teamwork

6 higher education courses for those who enjoy teamwork

Employees who have the ability to perform quality teamwork are highly valued in organizations. If you have good relationship skills and work well in groups, this is a great sign!

Anyone who has a good performance in joint work is aware of the importance of the different team members and knows how to value the contribution of each one. Nobody gets anywhere alone. Realizing this from an early age is essential!

In addition, there are options for undergraduate courses that meet this much-desired talent, empowering it and helping the student to further develop this ability! Are we going to meet some of them? Then continue reading this post!

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1. Administration

It is wrong to think that the undergraduate degree in Administration prepares the student to perform bureaucratic functions and work with paperwork. The main asset of organizations is people, and it is the role of the administrator to manage these teams.

The Human Resources department, for example, is one of the main departments of a company, and touching on this very important sector is the task of an Administration professional. From professional assessment to recruitment, you need to be good at understanding people and having an above-average relationship skill.

The Administration course will bring the theory and also the experience necessary for the student to work the different aspects of teamwork and not only be part of a team of collaborators but also be good at assembling great teams.

2. Pedagogy

Anyone who has the ambition to become a pedagogue must be prepared to work as a team. The teaching staff is multidisciplinary and can only offer quality education to students acting in an integrated manner.

It is necessary to know how to respect the space of each co-worker and exchange information to set up a curriculum that meets the needs of students. In addition, shared lesson plans achieve far better results than isolated educational applications.

During the stages of the Pedagogy course, the student will take a closer look at the dynamics of a classroom and also the administrative structure of a school. This will allow the development of joint work and also increase the perception of the future teacher in relation to the importance of teaching teams.

3. Psychology

Psychologists help people in the search for self-knowledge. Many choose this option of graduation thinking of working individually in clinics, but Psychology is also an area of ​​training highly sought by organizations.

The companies have psychologists working in the management of teams, from the area of ​​internal communication and care for workers to conflict resolution and readjustment of the companies’ staff.

Students of Psicologia will have contact with different profiles of people throughout the course. This will provide comprehensive human and personal training. This characteristic and a good emotional structure are highly sought after by companies from the most varied fields of activity.

4. Physical Education

The professionals of Physical Education are no longer restricted to acting in sports centers. More and more they are part of the teams of large companies and need to have teamwork skills.

Having a professional who encourages an active life and puts the concern for a healthy lifestyle on the agenda is fundamental in order to demonstrate to the worker that the company invests in his quality of life.

In addition, the activity developed by the physical educator with the collaborators ends up reflecting on the decrease in left due to sick leave. For this reason, including actions such as workplace gymnastics and repetitive movement injury prevention exercises in the work routine is a long-term saving.

Undergraduate students of Physical Education will receive guidance from teachers when applying the training of corporate teams. And those who prefer to set up their own academy will also practice their class management and leadership skills during the course.

5. Journalism

Before producing material during college, the student of Journalism will know all the functions of a journalist. In order to arrive at the final result, be it a text in a newspaper or a television report, all the content is produced by several hands.

From the role of staff, who is the one who brings the basic information and the direction that the content should have, from the reporter – who produces – to the role of editor, who finalizes the material and gets the details right, Journalism is an example of how important teamwork is.

Experiencing the functioning of a newsroom, whether in the internships or in the course, will provide the student with a detailed knowledge of the different functions and an understanding of how each one’s work impacts the performance of the whole team.

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6. Social Work

A social Service is a great option for those who are able to serve people and read the social context in which they are inserted. Social workers have the power to make changes in large or small groups.

Considering the understanding of the social vulnerabilities in which citizens are inserted and the proposal of interventions that promote citizenship and the improvement in the quality of life, the social worker has the role of being the transforming agent in the communities.

During the course, the student will have guidance on the main forms of approach, practical exercises in service and group management, and the experience necessary to apply the teachings he receives during graduation in professional life.

These are the 6-course options for those who have or want to develop the ability to work as a team. If this is your case, you will certainly identify with one of them. Each course has its peculiarity and will work in a different way the capacity of teamwork.

If any of our suggestions aroused your interest, try to find out about the graduation menu. Also, talk to students of the course you would like to take and professionals in the field. This will bring more information to help with your decision.

Finding a course that has to do with your profile and that provides you with the development of the ability to work as a team will contribute not only to your academic training but also to prepare you to face the challenges of the labor market. Choosing an educational institution that provides good training is the first step in this endeavor!


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