Check out 8 tips to succeed in your video interview

Check out 8 tips to succeed in your video interview

The selection processes for job opportunities have followed the modernization that the world is going through in the way of relating. Technological tools such as tests applied virtually, corporate social networks and video interviews in the recruitment process are increasingly frequent.

Many candidates with extensive experience may be intimidated in a video interview. Running for a job can bring anxiety to anyone right now. There is no need to add more nervousness to this recipe due to the way it will occur.

The video interview is a reality and, as for any other in-person selection process, it is also possible to prepare for it. Discover our 8 tips to make you more and more comfortable with this method and improve your performance! Happy reading!

Video Interview Tips

What are the benefits of the video interview?

Traditional recruitment can limit companies’ search for professionals outside the region in which they operate because not everyone is willing to invest in travel to compete for the vacancy offered.

With the advancement of technology and the popularization of broadband internet, which allowed access to a connection with the appropriate speed for a virtual conference, the video interview has become a reality. It expanded both the chance of the professional seeking reintegration and the scope of recruiting companies.

A video interview is as productive as a face-to-face meeting. But beware: don’t confuse a video interview with a Skype conversation with a friend. You are still going through an evaluation process and should not behave inappropriately or be overly informal.

They can be done in real-time with the aid of video chat software, such as Skype itself. The candidate may also be asked to record a video with responses to a questionnaire or a brief description of their aptitudes and skills, for example. Some selection processes can involve both steps, both uploading videos and having a live conversation.

Regardless of the number of stages and how the video will be used in recruiting, you need not worry! Follow the tips that we will present below to have a great performance!

How to prepare a video interview?

1. Test your equipment

Check the transmission and recording quality of your equipment before starting the selection process. Make a conference call with a friend or acquaintance and ask them to take notes if you have a problem transmitting both the image and the audio.

It is important to keep the test for a period not so short. Make a transmission of at least five minutes so that it is subject to connection failures. Only then will you have a result that truly reflects the quality of your video interview.

2. Look for an alternative

If you notice any hitch that could hinder your resourcefulness or impair the interviewer’s understanding in the video interview in some way, look for a way to remedy these problems.

Borrow a computer with a better configuration from a friend or look for a Wi-Fi signal with a higher speed to connect. Don’t let technical difficulties become an obstacle between you and the job vacancy.

3. Dress appropriately

Prefer a discreet look and according to the job vacancy profile for which you will apply. Choose your outfit the same way you would choose to attend a face-to-face interview. It is necessary to demonstrate your commitment and your preparation for the occasion.

4. Choose an appropriate location

A clean and organized environment is essential for the interview to flow properly. Rooms with a lot of visual information can be a source of distraction not only for you but also for your interviewer.

Public places, such as cafes with Wi-Fi, are dangerous choices, as they are uncontrolled environments and subject to noise. Choose a room with good light and that gives you the necessary tranquility to participate in the video interview.

5. Make sure there is no interruption

This tip complements the previous one. Tell family members or friends with whom you share the house that you will participate in a virtual selection process. Make it clear that it should not be disturbed. If the doors are locked, pass the key.

Also, take care to leave the pet out of the interview room. However much love you have for your pet, if it starts to bark uninterrupted, for example, it can hinder your income.

6. Demonstrate communication skills

It is important to have a conversation with your interviewer. Try to bring as much information about yourself in each answer. Praise, whenever possible, your strengths, but without departing from the subject in question.

If you often give monosyllabic responses, be careful. The more complete your answers are, the closer you will be to the vacancy.

A successful video interview - Do you know how to conduct them?

7. Prepare in advance

Search for information about the company you are going to apply for and the market trends in the organization’s area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation. Also, search for the main competitors. Demonstrating that you care to understand more about the segment you are ambitious to enter is essential.

8. Have your resume at the tip of the tongue

Personal marketing is very important. Don’t miss the chance to demonstrate your main achievements and highlight your skills. Do this properly and face the camera as if you were looking at the interviewer in the eye. Passing security and adopting a professional attitude will impress anyone on the other side of the video interview.

Did you see how to participate in a selection process at a distance is not a beast with seven heads ?! Just prepare as you do for a traditional job interview. Take the necessary care and make your selection process smoothly and with ownership.

Technology has allowed prospects to increase and opportunities to become more accessible. Take advantage of the possibility of making a video interview and the advantages it brings to increase your professional success!


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