The highest-paid professions on the market were made for you

The highest-paid professions on the market were made for you

For many students, choosing the career that best suits your profile means reconciling the dream of doing what you love with the desire to have a comfortable financial life. For this reason, they include areas on the search radar that enable the development of skills and aptitudes, but that offer robust salaries. If you are one of these young people, this post is for you, as we will comment on the highest paid professions on the market.

In addition, as we are going through a moment of great transformations, mainly because of the digital age, we will also show some professions “of the future” that are already starting to pump and demand professionals. Stay with us and have a good reading!

In what areas are the highest paid professions on the market?

There are managerial positions with very high salaries, around R $ 50 thousand. This is the case of directors of oil and gas operations, executives in the insurance market, financial directors and technology superintendents, according to the list of Exame magazine.

But, before we think about management positions, we must keep in mind the way to get there. Therefore, it is interesting to know some of the highest-paid professions in the country, in which it is very worthwhile to invest. Shall we go to them?

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Historically the health area guarantees high salaries, with emphasis on Medicine. And if you manage to specialize in any aspect and stand out, over the years, your earnings may multiply. The average salary for medical professionals is R $ 8.4 thousand.

Of the specialties of this career, plastic surgery has the best salaries, averaging R $ 18,500. Professionals who add multidisciplinary training to graduation can achieve much higher values. This is the case of medical directors of hospitals, whose salaries can reach R $ 50 thousand.


Highly valued, the Engineering area is required in several segments, from civil construction to the environment. Some of these areas have a very high demand for work and need highly trained professionals. As a result, remuneration is high and should remain so for years to come. This is the case of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, whose average salary is R $ 15,500. Managerial positions can pay up to R $ 60 thousand.


Direito is also a profession that allows for numerous specializations. And with the changes in the market, new areas are requesting experienced professionals. Currently, the areas of law that boast the best salaries are Corporate, International, Tax and Civil, especially in public tenders.

Professionals who provide legal advice receive an average of R $ 7,000, similar to that of a corporate lawyer. A legal director, on the other hand, can earn up to R $ 40,000, especially if he is in the finance area.


In the business area, the Administração course is the one that offers more comprehensive training and allows action on several fronts, including the financial sector. To guarantee good remuneration, it is important that you invest in specializations and accumulate a lot of experience.

For example, the average salary for an Administrative Supervisor is around R $ 4,900, while a financial advisor has R $ 7,000 in earnings. A financial director at the height of his career, in turn, can earn up to R $ 30,000 in business conglomerates.

Human Resources

In recent years, the concern with the productivity of employees and the difficulty in retaining talents have made the Human Resources professional gain a strategic role in organizations. As a result, wages for HR careers have risen considerably.

A job and salary coordinator earns an average of R $ 6.4 thousand per month, and a development manager, R $ 8.6 thousand. A human resources director at the culmination of his career, on the other hand, can reach an income of R $ 43 thousand.

Information Technology

With the advances of digital transformation in companies, the IT area is on the rise and the trend is for appreciation for the coming years. The average salary for a beginning systems analyst is around R $ 4,200 but can reach R $ 7,000 in a short period of time. Professionals with more than 10 years of career receive R $ 17 thousand.

As in other areas, if you invest in specialization, your earnings can be even higher. For example, an IT specialist with a master’s degree can receive R $ 9.2 thousand a month, while an operations director can reach R $ 50 thousand at the height of his career.


The marketing sectors and sales are going through a phase of constant innovations, due to the emergence of the new consumer profile, based mainly on new technologies. The initial salary of a service manager is around R $ 4.5 thousand and can reach R $ 7.3. These values ​​are close to the earnings of a marketing analyst, whose average salary is R $ 7,500. Commercial directors earn around R $ 17,900, and a Telecom commercial director can receive up to R $ 50,000 at the top of their career.

What are the professions of the future?

As the market is in a moment of transformation thanks to the massive presence of technology and new forms of production, some professions are changing the way they operate, others are ceasing to exist and new careers are emerging.

See now some unusual activities, seen as professions of the future, and understand what they do.

Big Data Manager

This professional is responsible for dealing with a large volume of data that circulates on the internet (Big Data). He coordinates all technical storage issues, as well as analyzes and directs the contents of this information to specific departments of the company. His role is strategic in organizations.

Viviana Moran

Community manager

It is the professional who interacts with the consumers of a company on social media. It analyzes brand positioning, observes the competition and identifies trends that can turn into business opportunities.

Innovation manager

This professional is responsible for integrating innovation in the various departments of the company so that it can keep up with the dynamism of the market and optimize its internal processes. The objective is to reduce costs, minimize failures and improve production to deliver a service in line with consumer expectations.

Quality of life manager

With such a busy daily life and a lot of pressure, personal stress levels rise a lot and cause sick leave due to health problems. This professional is responsible for mapping risks to the health of employees and developing strategies to improve the environment and work conditions, with a focus on the quality of life.

The highest-paid professions on the market have in common the investment in a higher education course of excellence and high professional training. Therefore, you cannot waste more time and must invest in your training, so that you can expand your knowledge baggage and, finally, achieve the level of success that you so desire.


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